2019 – in Pictures (and a few words…)


We attended the Aylsham Festival of Dance, Music and Song – and as last year, it’s a lovely place to visit and to dance. Not very large crowds, but very nice people. And the rain stopped before we started – very well timed!

  • Preston Royal


A VERY hot day at the IWA festival at Waltham Abbey (Lea Valley Water Park) nearly melted us! In the entertainments tent it was stifling so we did some busking outside too.


We did our bit for the Tesco Dance charity day at Highwoods where we were joined for a Gisburn by some staff and shoppers (and very good they were too!). Our 2 hours worth raised around £75 for Tesco’s 2019 charities – Diabetes UK, Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation…and we had a lovely dance out. We were even able to stash the musicians in a trolley park for shelter when it started to rain!

  • Cotton reels (1)

The Sheringham Potty Morris festival a week was as splendid as ever although the sink hole (we didn’t do it !! – although it is on the site of last year’s Guinness World Record attempt and one has to wonder about having 300+ people all doing Tinner’s rabbit at the same time…) and Saturday’s wet weather meant that the crowds were somewhat down on previous years. Sunday was warm and dry and there were more people about.The starting parade was as impressive as usual though (we’re quite near the end this time!)

June 2019

A very busy June weekend…first dancing in the Summer Solstice at Hawkedon on the Friday and the thrill of watching the straw man go up in flames – very pagan! Then by contrast, the lovely Mount Bures Flower Festival on the Sunday where we were very well looked after with much needed (and delicious) tea and cakes.

Tea Dance?
Mad Hatter’s Tea Party?

But we did do some dancing too…

  • Getting ready...

Then to see the month out, we danced at the Leigh-on- Sea Folk Festival – always a favourite with us and a very warm day this year. Here’s the procession…https://www.facebook.com/ThePeterboat/videos/636689826811997/

May 2019

What a wonderful afternoon at the Warm and Toasty Club – and what a great organisation they are. We loved it (and we didn’t fall off the stage – which was a relief!). We had stage lighting and sound checks to cope with too – very exciting…and here’s the resulting video!

AnnieMation at Colchester Arts Centre 26th May 2019

The Frost -Vandoorn Fest hosted by Royal Liberty who are celebrating 50 years of dancing this year, was a lovely day with wonderful weather at the 3 Horseshoes Pub in Molehill Green… plenty of photos on the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=frost%20vandoorn%20fest&epa=SEARCH_BOX)

March and April

What a lovely day yesterday at the 5th Halesworth Day of Dance…thank you Oxblood Molly for organising it and laying on such great weather for March! So great to have so many new dancers and didn’t they do well?? It’s given us an excellent start to the year. (Thanks to Gail for the photos)

  • Meeting up in the Market Square