The Music

The music of early Morris music dance traditions was probably performed on a pipe and tabor(drum), but styles of music changed as other instruments were introduced and with the rise of popular music from broadsheet street singers and the music hall. North-West Morris would have originally used brass instruments and drums, but since the 1950s melodeons and other loud instruments, such as pipes and banjos are used across all the six styles.

Our musicians still play melodeons, guitar, loud woodwinds (including a hornpipe), and string instruments, with (of course) a tabor drum.

Many of the tunes are traditional melodies such as “Donkey Riding” and “British Grenadiers”…but just occasionally, something a little bit more from ‘popular’ culture sneaks in, so listen carefully and you may just hear something like “Itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini” during one of our dances!

The dances and their tunes can be seen on the dancers page:

The Dances