Please note due to Covid-19 we didn’t dancing out during 2020 and we are not sure about 2021. Watch this, or our Facebook, space. 

We  are practising over zoom, this won’t be the best medium to teach new members, but please still contact us if you are interested in joining.

Welcome to AnnieMation’s webpage.  We are an inclusive mixed North West Clog Morris Dancing  side based in the South East!  Colchester, Essex. This style of dancing originated in the cotton mill industry in Lancashire and surrounding counties in the 19th Century.

We have been in existence since 1979 but were known as Annies Fantasies until 2018 when we changed our name.

What to Expect

Key elements of the dancing tradition and our specific side are:

  • Actions mimicking mill work.
  • The rhythms of the factory looms to dance to.
  • Synchronised stamping & stepping.
  • General group co-ordination (hopefully).
  • Fun (even when doing long corners).
  • Red, bell-festooned, clogs.
  • Our hobby horse Dobina. We usually look for a young assistant to help control her during Cotton Reels.
  • Lots of red and black clothing, preferably stripey.
  • Music, mostly traditional tunes, led by melodeon, drum and guitar (hopefully more joining dance outs soon).

AnnieMation at Greyfriars 2018

Dance Outs & Practice

We dance out throughout the year but mostly over the spring and summer. We attend a range of events local to East Anglia and the South East. As might be expected we dance at traditional folk and dance festivals like Halesworth Day of Dance , Leigh-on-Sea, Broadstairs and Sheringham Potty Festival.

We also support community and charity events, plus the occasional corporate event . We have a dance or two for audience participation. Firstsite’s Nice ‘n’  Spicy festival, Colchester High Street Panto Horse Race, Bures Flower Festival, Colchester Art Centre’s Warm And Toasty Club concert and Acorn Villages Chirstmas Fair were some of our favourites last year.

We practice 11:00am Sunday morning at Roman Circus House or if it’s sunny in the summer we brave being hooted at opposite Tesco Express on Crouch Street (we can wear clogs then!). We tend not to practice if we dance out on the Saturday.

Interested? Join, Book or Watch Us


If interested in joining us as a dancer or musician? You can just turn up to a Sunday practice (see above) but probably best to contact us before hand to make sure we’ll be there. More on this page:



If you’d like us to come to your event, please contact

Ian on 01206 577222

email anniemationclog@gmail.com


Want to see us Dance? Follow the Dance out page and Facebook…


FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/AnnieMationClogColchester


Enjoy your visit to our site and through our pages get to know a bit more about us and our dancing – it’s great fun.