Join us!


We are an inclusive mixed sex side that doesn’t tolerate harassment, if you have some interest, enthusiastic or cheerfulish about Morris dancing get in touch 🙂 .


We like to recruit new dancers when we can but it can be tricky over the summer as we are often dancing out (dancing in front of the public at an event). It’s easier to join in the autumn when things quieten down and learn dances for the following spring but just get in touch and see were we are. We sometimes have an open days in October.

You don’t need experience as we teach the routines.


We are happy to add to our merry band of musicians. Do you play an instrument? Fiddle, melodeon, guitar, trombone, spoons? Can you play for a jolly group of dancers who try not to take themselves too seriously? We’d love to hear from you and we can offer you a warm welcome and maybe even a coffee and biscuit.

You don’t need to be competent at the tunes and can learn as you go but if your profecient that’s great too. We do run some introductary lessons from time to time and we have sheet music available. See the kit page for some photos.


For more details please ring

Dancing: Bridget on 07708 5666538, Jean on 01206 867918 or Ian on 01206 577222

Musicians: Paul on 07714 699711 or Ian on 01206 577222.

If you prefer email:

Check out our Facebook page at and message us that way.

Watching us at a Dance Out could be a good way to see what we are like and have a chat. We’d love to see you!

See out Dance out page for detail but maybe double check event is on by following Facebook anounments or contact us directly. 


Dancers and musicians do pay subs of £15 twice a year. It mostly covers expenses (insurance, practice venue hire, equipement etc ) and we maintaine a small float. You can try for free before deciding to commit to this lunacy. 

We pay our own transport, accomidation, instument and kit costs. Most kit is fairly cheap except for clogs. We have a small stock of clogs and would usually want  £20 ish contrinution for them. If you’re unlucky and don’t find a pair to fit a hand made pair can cost £160 plus and mean 2 trips up north. You could alternatively be lucky get some of ebay or simlair. We do not insist on people having clogs to dance out.

Practice Venue

We mostly practice Sunday mornings, 11am – 1pm with a coffee break at 12, at the Roman Circus Centre in Colchester from October until April. On nice summer day we may practice ouside FirstSite CO1 1JH. Ocassionally near the Tesco Express on Crouch Street CO3 3HH (can be cooler, cheaper and lets us wear clogs!).

ROMAN CIRCUS HOUSE, Roman Circus walk(off Butt Road), Colchester, Essex. CO2 7BJ

If we dance out on the Saturday we rarely practice on the Sunday.

We are member of the two of the main three morris organisation Morris Federation and Open Morris.